Referensi Project XP Solution

Posted: May 19, 2010 in GLOBAL INFO, Posting Kang N4th4n

Beberapa referensi project yang sudah ditangani oleh XP SOLUTION :


1. Desain  & Implementasi Windows Server  2003 R2 Clustering System, FO Networking Support for 2 Based Data Center, Oracle Database Server Real Application Cluster.

2. Oracle Real Application Cluster Implementation Support/Installasi  Oracle RAC.

3. Design & Implementing Security Networking System Protection dan Windowss Server 2003 Domain System.

4. Build Wireless Networking, HotSpot & Bandwith Manajemen Internet Café dan Implementasi RT/RW-Net.

5. System Integration.

6. Outsourcing & IT Service.

7. ERP/MRP System.

8. Routing, Security System & VPN Mikrotik.

9. Wireless Networking.

10. IT Training ( Reguler ) & InHouse Training ( Private ).

11. Seminar untuk Kampus / Universitas, Corporate & Komunitas IT.

12. Aplikasi – aplikasi Teknologi Informasi.


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